Walk&Talk 2020 - 9.5 Edition
July 9 - 19th - From São Miguel, Azores to the world
9.5 Edition: to think the arts between onsite and online 

Walk&Talk - Arts Festival takes place from 9 to 19 July and the new edition of the event, called “9.5”, will bring together artistic projects that are being specially programmed by the commonality of artists, curators and team involved in the organization, to think the creation, enjoyment and sustainability of artistic practices between the local or onsite - São Miguel in the Azores -, and the global sphere, through an online platform that will be the gateway to the festival.

In 2020, Walk & Talk will intersect online and onsite contexts, explore emerging platforms and new formats of artistic creation and presentation, to program a 9.5 edition that follows the current moment and incorporates the unavoidable impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on the well-being of populations, social proximity and experience in public spaces. At the same time, the project aims to support the reinvention of the fruition mechanisms of the arts, to project positive socialization dynamics and to act to expand the experiences of contact with the communities.