Walk&Talk 2015 - 5th edition
July 17th - August 1st - São Miguel, Azores

Visual Identity: Visual Kitchen

The transdisciplinarity of contents and the thought of the island as a creation lab became structural in the construction of the identity of the festival. The diversity of its program represents an opportunity to cross different circuits and artistic disciplines and to allow interaction between all of them. The artistic residencies program is now essential on the support of new projects and in the integration of new co-production and presentation circuits.


"The great work of art of the Azores are the people. At Walk&Talk festival, the culture and knowledge of the Azorean population give meaning to contemporary artistic visions. (...) The fifth edition of the festival reflected it in a transparent way." 
Vitor Belanciano, Público

Dalila Gonçalves (pt) / Ponta Delgada, São Miguel / 2015