Walk&Talk 2018 - 8th Edition
29 June to 14 July

Visual identity: Vivóeusébio

2018 was a year of change for Anda&Fala Association and an edition to test new models, formats and spaces in Walk&Talk. As an Arts Festival, W&T has sought to establish and guarantee a context of experimentation that involves, in a truly horizontal way, it’s artistic, curatorial, communication and production teams in the project’s thinking and programming.

In 2018, and for the first time, Anda&Fala had access to DGARTES - Ministery of Culture ‘Sustainable Support”, which allowed the association to act as an active agent in the creation and artistic presentation from the specific geographic and cultural context of the Azores, with measurable impacts that surpass the geographic limits of the archipelago. Sustained Support reflects a recognition of the work carried out during the association’s eight years of activity and is above all an investment in the Azorean cultural landscape, fostering culture as a strategic and cohesive value for the country in its multiple regions. 

Walk&Talk, arts festival, annual residency program and flag project of Anda&Fala, completed its 8th edition on the island of São Miguel from June 29 to July 14. 16 days of the Festival that extended in a year-long program, with artistic residencies, presentations, co-productions and a three-day extension to Terceira Island, held from 10 to 13 October.


Walk&Talk was a pioneer in creative tourism, launching its annual arts festival in São Miguel in 2011 and last year extending it to a new island, Terceira. It has been instrumental in encouraging dialogue with the territory, culture and Azorean community, and this year drew a significant number of international visitors to enjoy its mix of visual and performing arts.

Mary Lussiana, How to Spend it - Financial Times, US

Walk&Talk Pavilion 2018 | Architecture: Mezzo Atelier