vaga is a space to think the arts and knowledge, attentive to the island's dynamics and its inhabitants. In Ponta Delgada, Anda&Fala's new headquarters intends to provide the city with a space dedicated to contemporary arts, with a regular and multidisciplinary program that involves the presentation and reception of exhibition projects and performances conversations, workshops/masterclasses and artistic residencies.

This project's main objective will be to extend the Association's action in the territory, both in space and in time. By creating its first permanent infrastructure, it is intended to develop continuity projects such as the formation of audiences, complementary artistic education, the accompaniment of artists in the territory, and the creation of a program and content throughout the year, contributing to and promoting a cultural ecosystem healthy and synergistic.

The creation of vaga results from a timely combination of ambitions - internal goals of Anda&Fala and ambitions of the Association for the city of Ponta Delgada and the Azores region, as a reference geography in the fields of culture and contemporary artistic production. Ten years after its foundation, it became imperative to find a workspace and a warehouse that would support the Association's regular activity. Anda&Fala's performance has progressed to a continued program of activities, which currently runs throughout the year, encompasses an organization of the annual festival and the Walk&Talk artistic residency program and more recent projects such as PARES and the Periferica cycle. Simultaneously, the city's cultural dynamics calls for a new space that can act as a platform for a new generation of artists who aspire to other formats and presences.

vaga (wave in Portuguese) translates the idea of movement, permanence and intensity that we imagine for the city. It takes us back to the island and its geographical condition and tells us about new times, other rhythms and patterns that are renewed.


Artistic Direction 
Jesse James
Sofia Carolina Botelho

Artistic Direction Assistant
Joana Cardoso

Coordination vaga
Rubén Monfort

Production Direction
Luís Brum

Knowledge Program
Francisca de Medeiros
Sofia Carolina Botelho

Communication Direction
Tânia Moniz

Ruben Monfort

Communication Design


Our schedule varies. At the moment, it is Monday to Friday, from 10h to 17h.


Travessa das Laranjeiras 51
9500-318 Ponta Delgada


If you need more information, contact us through:
+351 968 913 539