Walk&Talk 2016 - 6th edition

Design: VivóEusébio

July 15th - 31st, São Miguel Island / / September 23th - 30th, Terceira Island

In the 2016 edition, Walk&Talk began to have a year round programming, contradicting the ephemerality and seasonality that characterize the most conventional models of festivals by suggesting, testing and promoting new dynamics of artistic creation, the continuity of its performance and programming.

A total of 119 activities were organized throughout the year, concentrated around the moments in São Miguel and Terceira island. The extension to Terceira Island marked a new stage in the project’s performance and reinforced its impact and relevance in terms of public involvement, participation and volunteering, establishment of programming partners, institutional and media visibility.

In 2016, the relevance of Walk&Talk was reinforced by the attribution of the designation of Entity of Public Utility by the Regional Government of the Azores, by the positive impacts it is able to generate, validating its mission as artistic project.


“The wonderful poetic mix of media and disciplines at Walk&Talk surprises the visitor, as does the unreal beauty of the island. This festival, in its aim to transform the outlying Azores into a new centre through cultural and artistic activity, has made of Ponta Delgada on São Miguel Island a kind of centre in itself among the nine islands.”
Veerle Devos, Damn Magazine