Walk&Talk 2019 - 9th Edition
5 - 20 July - São Miguel, Azores

Identidade Gráfica: Vivóeusébio

Anda&Fala is a non-profit cultural organization, responsible for the projects Walk&Talk - Arts Festival, the seminar Periférica - Brainstorming Culture and Geographies, RARA - Crafts Residency of the Azores and PARES - Support Program for Artistic Activity in the Azores. In 2019, in the course of its current four projects, but mainly concentrated at the time of the Festival in São Miguel, the association promoted a total of 91 activities that had the direct participation of more than 11 thousand people. The year was also marked by the visit of the Minister of Culture, Graça Fonseca, to the Festival, underlining the relevance of the mission of Anda&Fala - Cultural Association, and the contribution of Walk&Talk to the cultural and artistic projection of the Azores region, as well as investment, diversification and cultural cohesion in Portugal.

Walk&Talk - Arts Festival, Anda&Fala’s flagship project, completed its 9th edition in São Miguel Island between July 5 and 20, 2019. There were 16 days of programming organized in 5 artistic circuits: Island Circuit (formerly Public Art Circuit), Exhibition Circuit, Performative Circuit, Residency Circuit and Knowledge Circuit, which extend to a year-round program, with residences, presentations and co-productions.

Every year has been a year of change for Anda&Fala and 2019 was no exception, especially as it precedes the celebration of the association’s first decade of activity and Walk&Talk’s 10th edition. It was a year rich in reflections on the Association’s mission and the relevance of the models, formats and spaces that Walk&Talk has built. As an Arts Festival, W&T has sought to establish and guarantee a context of experimentation in the way it structures, organizes and presents its programming and this place of experimentation translates into successes and failures, which allow the incorporation of fundamental knowledge into the planning of the 2020 activities.

W&T’s different programming areas have been reorganized to adjust dynamics and project interactions, looking to make the program more appealing and relevant to its different target audiences. In the 2019 edition, the program nomenclature was stabilized around 5 “artistic circuits”. This organization clarified the different moments and contents that are presented in the Festival, supporting the perception of distinct but articulated “circuits”, which may even intersect.