Walk&Talk 2014 - 4th edition
July 18th - August 3rd - São Miguel, Azores

Visual Identity: Visual Kitchen

The recognition of Walk&Talk’s formula: artistic creation based on artists as experience ambassadors, the community as prescribers and the territory as work context; the look upon Azores, into its specificities and restrictions while creativity enhancers and in a space that favors the confluence of ideas and concepts; the artists, locals or outsiders, as creative agents and diffusers of the Azores identity, and everything that is associated with the region; the inclusion of the community, due to its importance in the process of the project’s validation, as a public interest matter that brings benefits, whether social, cultural, artistic or economical.


“Comenzó como un festival de grafitti en Las Azores y ahora es uno de los programas de residencias y proyecto de arte público más ambicioso de Portugal.“
Javier Diaz Guardiola - ABC Espana

Jorge Santos (pt) / Ponta Delgada, São Miguel / 2014