Future Islands is a Temporada (Season) focused on possibility. From the work and universe of Icelandic artist Kolbeinn Hugi, alternative models of coexistence and empathy are projected to speculate on economies of space, ecology, and inter-species relations. Co-organized with the Cycle Music and Art Festival curatorial team, Temporada #3 invites artists and projects that explore the tensions and opportunities of futures imagined between reality and fiction.

Future Islands proposes a hybrid program that develops between visual arts, performance, and music and kicks off with the solo exhibition of Kolbeinn Hugi – Animal Internet, an invited artist by the Icelandic partner – Cycle. Over two months, the Temporada presents several performances, concerts, and workshops, hosts a film program at Calheta Cinema, and Mesa Posta brings together chefs and artists at vaga’s house. There are also encounters and presentations to talk and imagine, organized by artists, agents, and thinkers, such as Assembly #13 or Fórum das Constelações, promoted in partnership with CRESAÇOR. In April, the Temporada closes with a mini-festival and performances by Pilocka Krach, Coco Magnusson, and Cibelle Cavalli Bastos.

Simultaneously, several artistic residencies take place to develop new projects that will materialize in the near future. The Knowledge Program adds perspectives through guided tours and activities directed to multiple audiences, emphasizing Escola Vaga and its program of seminars and workshops, open to everyone. The LABTEMPO collective continues to accompany the entire program, and work sessions intensify to design the program for the 4th and last Temporada of this cycle, between May and July.