Brainstorming Culture
and Geographies
In 2020, Periférica returns with a new format and organizes itself around a cycle of conversations that accompanies the development of artistic projects in the Azores, whether resulting from residences, co-productions or commissions. The scheduled conversations will give the space to artists, curators and programmers, national and foreign, and intend to promote shared experiences and knowledge, as well as enhance the expansion of contact networks and the emergence of new opportunities for professionals in the fields of culture.

In addition to involving artists and curators who participate in projects promoted by Anda&Fala, the Periférica talks will remain open over time, as opportunities for new conversations and meetings may arise - and to other professionals and structures dedicated to contemporary artistic programming with relevant activity in the Azores.

Periférica is the name of the seminar that Anda&Fala dedicates since 2016 to reflection and knowledge sharing as central axes of its cultural performance. The main purpose of the meeting is to involve artists and experts in problematizing issues that are central to the artistic community and the association's own activity, and to contribute, adding different voices, visions and competences, to the relevance of projects that are developed locally, in particular, Walk&Talk - Arts Festival and its Residency Program.

COVID-19 - Periférica's conversations are temporarily suspended.