Programa de Apoio à
Atividade Artística nos Açores
Anda&Fala launches PARES - Support Program for Artistic Activity in the Azores, with the support of Parque Atlântico, allocating 5000 euros to support artists and agents who develop their work in the region, through micro-grants for activities of artistic creation, presentation and circulation of artists and projects.

PARES program is open to applications in all areas of contemporary artistic expression - visual arts, performing arts, music, literature and film, as long as they involve activities in the fields of creation, presentation and circulation, within or outside the Azores region. The program supports artists and agents based in the Azores and is also open to people from other geographies who elect the archipelago to develop their projects.

Purchasing materials or renting equipment for an exhibition, concert or performance, translating a text for international publication, making an artistic residency in Portugal or abroad, paying for a seminar or trips by artists and experts to attend events in the region are some examples of activities that PARES intends to help and support.

The program provides micro-grants, with a minimum value of 250 euros and a maximum of 750 euros per application. The program will distribute a total of 5000 euros per year to up to 20 projects or artistic agents, whose scale of action does not allow them to access other support systems or sources of funding, but whose work is fundamental for enhancing artistic activity and ensuring the sustainability of the Azorean cultural ecosystem.

In 2020, the second edition of the PARES Program has one application phase until February 7th and is intended for applications/projects to be completed by January 31st 2020. Applications submitted to PARES will be evaluated by a jury consisting of five members, two members of the Anda&Fala Association and two guests, people of recognized merit in the area of culture.

The PARES 2020 Program Regulation is available here, applications and requests for clarification should be sent to