Ana Nascimento, Beatriz Brum, Bernardo Prisca, Catarina Gaspar, Eva Frias, João Amado, Leonor Fernandes and Margarida Cruz form LABTEMPO, the artistic laboratory that accompanies the activities of the TEMPORADAS da vaga, and that culminates with the organization of the fourth and last TEMPORADA of the project, where the collective will be responsible for deciding the theme, artists and projects to integrate its programming cycle.

This laboratory is a training project that aims to provide a space for dialogue and sharing to stimulate reflection and the acquisition of skills among the participants, around issues related to artistic production and curatorial practices in the broad field of the arts. Simultaneously, it generates a context of action where the group will have the opportunity to design an artistic program, coordinate teams, organize a production budget and manage the expectations of audiences and partners.

Ana Nascimento, 16 years old, student

Beatriz Brum, 29 years old, visual artist
Bernardo Prisca, 17 years old, student
Catarina Gaspar, 34 years old, lawyer
Eva Frias, 15 years old, student
João Amado, 29 years old, visual artist
Leonor Fernandes, 16 years old, student
Margarida Cruz, 17 years old, student