After Invisible Spaces, Temporada #2 explores Common Codes shared between groups and communities and the power of language in its most diverse forms: word, typography, sound, image, allusions, and memory. Cultural, economic, and geographical codes - historical and current, allow the establishment of social relationships, proximity, and empathy but also produce systems of privilege and power that hierarchize and exclude. How do these codes shape our experience and perception of the world? The commons and the processes of commonality can help problematize and resignify these linguistic, visual, and symbolic codes and understand their intersections and presences in multiple communities and contexts. More than something restricted and limited, we can imagine permeable and simultaneous codes that open access points for aesthetic practices and experimental social movements. Codes in transformation, aware of the importance of dialogue and departing from common policies, more aligned with today's social and ecological reality and perhaps closer to how social interactions work.

Common Codes is co-organized with the curatorial team of the LungA Art Festival, from Iceland, and the artist duo Krot & Krass - Björn Loki and Elsa Jónsdóttir, who will be the elements in residence and responsible for the coordination and activation of various activities in Ponta Delgada.

Over the next two months, Temporada #2 opens a new workshop-exhibition, hosts a film program at Cinema Calheta, presents several performances, concerts, and workshops, and Mesa Posta once again brings art and commensality together. At the same time, several artistic residencies are taking place for the development of new projects. The Knowledge Program adds perspectives through guided tours and activities aimed at multiple audiences, with emphasis on Escola Vaga and its program of seminars and training, open to all. In December, is celebrated the 2nd anniversary of vaga with the second edition of Feira Gráfica, which brings together several designers, collectives, and enthusiasts of the graphic and illustration worlds, working on the island of São Miguel.